When atama Founder, Gabriel Skalic visited Japan to enhance her craft, there was a spirit of generosity that stood out to her. A genuine desire from Head Spa Masters, in particular, pioneer Tatsuya Yamasaki, to share knowledge and to spread the art and technique of Japanese head spa globally, for the greater wellness people around the world.

atama Academy’s first Masterclass, led by Gabriel Skalic and Tatsuya Yamasaki, was developed with the intent to teach the innovative head spa methods and their remarkable beauty, health and healing benefits.

Tatsuya Yamasaki

“Our Academy has been designed to offer training for a range of different experience levels. Whether you’re looking to learn the fundamentals of head spa, or more advanced techniques, you are guaranteed to walk away with inspiration and the understanding of this traditional Japanese practice. With our wide range of methods, you will be able to create a treatment that expands your salon and tailors to the needs of your clients.”

Gabriel Skalic
atama Founder

“Head spa is more than a practice; it’s a culture. Similar to the way ripples spread across water, our goal is to spread head spa across the world.”

Tatsuya Yamasaki
Head Spa Master & Creative Educator